Wanna Know A Little Bit About Blessed Impressions???

The one behind the camera? The Photog?

Well, here "WE GO!"

First thing.... GOD is truly the GIVER of the GIFT, and is GLORIFIED!!!

The name is God given.... BLESSED IMPRESSIONS

Blessed Impressions Photography & Designs is in a class of it's own. CREATIVE- UNIQUE- PRICELESS! The "PASSION" of the art of photography is the driving factor in capturing memorable moments that will last a lifetime. The quality of service offered is beyond one's imagination and superceeds one's expectations.

NOW ABOUT THE ONE ACTUALLY BEHIND THE CAMERA!.....They call me "Mrs. Ro" or just "Ro", I am a down to earth person, who is lover a of God and people! I love to laugh and have a great time.

Where was the foundation of this gift birthed? ......It all began over 13 years ago in high school! Communication Graphics! 5th Period! This was my favorite subject! This is where my interest truly derived, sooooo now....

PHOTOGRAPHY! It's My Passion! .....DESIGNS? Well, It developed as I began to share the the gift! YAY! :)

I truly love with I do, and put my heart and soul in it to make it priceless and place a smile on my clients face. I strive for the best and always bring 110% at everything I do... So you can expect JUST THAT! Shoots with me are out the box. We may laugh, cry, scream, kick, and shout..... but in return, it's made priceless, unique, and creative. Now that's worth Your investment!